Review: New Model Army – Unbroken

New Model Army

Unbroken – Attack Attack

Not many things in life remain as consistent as New Model Army. They avoid the ebb and flow of musical trends like ghosts in the machine. In Justin Sullivan they boast a genuine visionary who pens songs that sit outside of genre restrictions. This is less a band, more a movement, and yes, whisper it quietly, they’re now a British institution like seaside rock, the Mini and talking about the weather. You kind of know what you’re going to get when a new album drops. But then again you kind of don’t too. There are always surprises and talking points. Take for example the prescient ‘I Did Nothing Wrong’ written well before the Post Office scandal hit the headlines. There’s an air of familiarity about song structures and vocal nuances that fans will love. But there’s also much those same fans will find to explore. The bass lines are notably progressive and are brought forward in the production to emphasise this. The title says much because throughout all the years they’ve been in existence New Model Army remain a band ‘Unbroken’ by the industry crushing machine. Once again they’ve delivered an album that is uncompromising and powerful.

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Review by Gary Trueman