Review: Unprocessed – …And Everything In Between


…And Everything In Between – Self Released

Just when you think you’ve heard everything heavy music has to offer, a band comes along to rip up the rulebook (think Atheist and Watchtower) and the latest group to upturn the apple-cart is Unprocessed. Defying the rules of musical composition, their third album is a smorgasbord of unorthodox time signatures and unusual poly-rhythms and the result ties the listener up in all sorts of knots. The bass guitar is, with a few notable exceptions, buried deep in the mix on metal records but …everything in between rectifies this by making it a focal point. It ticks with a strange rhythm and, like Dalí’s “soft watches”, makes time a fluid thing which ebbs and flows. This approach undoubtedly aids the band’s modus operandi; blending genres as diverse as jazz, math-rock and metal is no easy task, yet Unprocessed prove themselves master alchemists and turn these parts into a cohesive whole. It also makes for an infinitely interesting listen, and one that’ll reward repeat plays as nuances buried deep in the mix reveal themselves on successive spins. With no two songs inhabiting the same space, there’s no chance of this record becoming stagnant, and it’s guaranteed to sound fresh many years hence. 

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Review by Peter Dennis