Review: Pulverise – Kilobyte Killer


Kilobyte Killer – Self released

There was a time when metal clubs were awash with heavy as hell music that had a such a seductive groove to it you got drawn onto the dance floor like you were possessed. Then for some reason it all stopped, or at least evolved into other often less magnetic formats that while good didn’t exactly make you want to jump about. Well party band Pulverise have filled that gap with a beer swilling stomporama of an album that takes from hard core and metal and then adds a bit of magical sparkle. Kilobyte Killer had none other than Biohazard legend Billy Graziadei’s hand on the helm during pre-production and you can hear his input throughout. The vibe of this whole record is warm. It may be hard as nails but it sounds friendly too. It’s like having a bear as your best friend round for drinks. Shit will kick off but it’ll be a hoot. Lyrically the message is positive and upbeat too. Couple this with those enormous grooves and the whole thing just makes you want to dance and hug people. Full in sound and with some wicked cool vocals Kilobyte Killer puts Pulverise firmly on the front foot. They’ve made a record to be massively proud of.

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Review by Gary Trueman