Video Premier – Pulverise Release New Single ‘Tomb Raiderz’

Northern groove metallers Pulverise return with a brand new single ‘Tomb Raiderz’ released today (May 25th) and available on Spotify and to buy at Midnight

The latest offering carries the quintet forward with the big grooves and slick guitars they have made their own.

The band had this to say: “Tomb Raiderz is about personalities and how multi-faceted they are. The meaning of the song is an analogy of tomb and raiding, – exploring the different ‘rooms’ of the mind, trying to work out what’s wrong instead of celebrating what’s right.  Some rooms are dark, others provoke the realisation of mortality and Jojo’s (our glorious singer) favourite room is where she feel like a GODDESS. Inspired by the great and beautiful Egyptian queens, it’s where she feels most powerful, confident and a touch immortal. We all have different aspects of our personalities and have moments when we are our truest selves. We want to celebrate those moments we feel our absolute best.”

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