News: Here We Come And We’re Bringin’ Hell With Us!

Here We Come And We’re Bringin’ Hell With Us!

Introducing: SWTEVL

Named after their favorite Derringer album from 1977, SWTEVL (pronouncedSweet Evil) is a new American rock project by the powerhouse husband & wife duo Mick Murphy & Tairrie B. Murphy formerly of My Ruin.

Vocalist / multi-hyphenate artist Tairrie B, who is also known for her previous bands (Tura Satana & Manhole) as well as being the first white female rapper (signed by Eazy E of NWA) to release a full length solo album on a major label in the early 90’s, met musical partner and multi-faceted instrumentalist / producer Mick Murphy (Neanderthal, Heavy 70’s, Chevy Metal, The Birds of Satan & Teenage Time Killers) at a party in the Hollywood hills in 2000 and have been making music in various forms together ever since.

“After 9 studio albums and years of touring, we decided to put My Ruin on a permanent hiatus and made the life-changing move from my hometown of Los Angeles, California to Mick‘s hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee where we spent 2022 into 2023 hyper-focused on making new music under a new moniker. We quietly wrote, recorded & produced 30 new songs (20 originals & 10 covers) in our home studio The Magick Room. After 2022 came to a fitful end with two years of living through the chaos of a worldwide pandemic and the politics which accompanied it,  like most of America, we were mentally exhausted. Reflecting on the past two decades, we also realized that we were not the same people we were when we lived in L.A. Like artists do, we changed and grew. Not wanting to revamp the past musically or relive those songs emotionally, we felt it was time to cut loose, kick off the dust and recharge our creative batteries. We took our time recording as we wanted to recapture our rock love of collaboration and reemerge reinvigorated with a forward-thinking, positive new perspective and approach to our songwriting with themes addressing who we are now as Gen Xers as opposed to who we were when we first met 23 years ago. With age comes introspection and with that in mind, SWTEVL doesn’t spell the end of a musical relationship but rather the beginning of a new one as we move brazenly into our next chapter, without apology.” Tairrie B

In contrast to the notoriously razor sharp throat shredding and confrontational screaming metal of their former band which could be considered more niche, SWTEVL is not a brutal bloodletting. The music as well as the lyrics are far more inviting. Combining a juxtaposition between contemplative dark & sultry atmospheric alternative and upbeat bouncy guitar driven straight head classic garage rock n’ roll with a dash of post punk spirit. While Mick has played all the instruments, produced & mixed the new tracks, this time around the DIY minded duo are also sharing vocals in various ways on all the songs which adds another vibrantly fresh and unique dynamic to the overall vibe of the diverse recordings, including the covers which they plan to release as a full length album on their own in 2024.

Tairrie‘s distinct spoken to sung vocal styling seamlessly moves through Mick‘s signature organic seventies inspired solos, bass lines and drums with infectiously catchy hooks and an uncensored edge that sonically captures their synchronicity and authentic sound. Without compromise comes evolution and Mr & Mrs M are continuously expanding their musical repertoire with every release and reinvention as the couple’s creative chemistry and unflinching honesty remains as present as ever for a new era.

With their upbeat fiery debut single fittingly named Hellzapoppin’ dropping on Friday the 13th of October, SWTEVL are unveiling their first official music video filmed & edited by the duo. A tenacious declaration of independence with a passion fueled taste of their forthcoming self-produced, eponymous double album Very Truly Yours which will be made available worldwide on December 15, 2023. This raucous high energy anthem takes us to the dance floor with an uplifting message of rock n’ roll resilience which permeates the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of the lyrics. A testament to persistence against all odds and a rebellious statement of self determination.


Hellzapoppin’ is out now and available for download & streaming on all major music platforms (Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Music) and Bandcamp!

Hellzapoppin’ on Bandcamp