Review: Twin Temple – God Is Dead

Twin Temple

God Is Dead – MRI

What would have happened if say for instance modern 2020s concerns and attitudes were prevalent in the late 50s? Imagine how the lyrics would have panned out with the music of the time? That’s what Twin Temple have done so successfully. Their time warp music and ethos even goes so far as to record in mono to be more authentic. But they are lyrically right on point for today – in a Satan loving kind of way. Fans will already know this of course but for newbies it’s an interesting thing to wrap your head around. Those fans will still love the vintage capture and this time around Alexandra James and Zachary James have pushed the doo-wop envelope even further. The whole thing is staggeringly authentic, a beautiful rendering of instruments and vocal, which tees up the words to be ever so much more razor sharp. Twin Temple have carved out their own little niche. God may well be dead but they will endure in their own perfect little time loop.

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Review by Gary Trueman