Review: ONI – The Silver Line


The Silver Line – Ironshore Records

Progressive metal isn’t something you can predict these days. Where once the term fitted a particular niche sound wise now it covers a much wider part of the music spectrum. ‘The Silver Line’ touches on so many sub-genres it would be pointless to list them all. The result could have been a bit of a mess but is quite the opposite. This is a surprisingly warm and melodic record with a big production and a feeling of grandeur in how it’s put together. ONI, a solo project incorporating recruited specialists certainly has a lot to offer the technical purists. But it’s not clinical to listen to, it’s much more an organic beast. Lovely melodies and clean vocals mix in a swirl with heavier passages and a screamo vox. This is an album to be savoured, a work of art that kicks ass in the best possible way.

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Review by Gary Trueman