Review: Brave Liaison – Will This Hold Together?

Brave Liaison

Will This Hold Together? – Fort Records

You can tell right away Brave Liaison have that little bit of magic dust that so many don’t get sprinkled with. Their grasp of melody and harmonies, the intelligent writing and anthemic sound all point to a band with huge potential. And we’re not just imagining an escape from pub venues either, think bigger – say Muse (who they share production guru Adrian Bushby with), and you’ll get the picture. ‘Will This Hold Together?’ may only be three tracks strong but combined they make quite a statement. While genre hobbits may decry it’s not heavy enough, or it’s not edgy enough, or the vocals are too clean (they’re epic tbh!), actual music fans will appreciate that this for what it is, great music from a class act. Much more will hopefully follow.

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Review by Gary Trueman