Review: Blood Command – World Domination

Blood Command

World Domination – Hassle Records 

Right off the heels of their 2022 album release ‘Praise Armegeddonism’ we have Blood Command’s fifth album ‘World Domination’. Phew, where do we start with this? Well, it’s as if the metaphorical rule book has been thrown out the window with this eclectic mix of genres which are infused together within 20 tracks, some lasting less than a minute. Hailing from Norway, of course we have some obvious Scandinavian influences which at times are dark and heavy mixed with hardcore, pop, 80s and even hip hop with electric and acoustic guitars, thick basslines, synth and drum machines. The new addition to the band Nikki Bruman deserves a special shout-out for her ability to switch between such venomous, ferocious and gritty vocals to clean and melodic depending on the vibe. ‘The Band With The Three Stripes’ opens with brass instruments which are incorporated again in later tracks such as ‘Plague On Both Your Houses’. The latter is a definite stand-out on the album with black metal and hardcore punk elements which is a daring rollercoaster of sound. Midway through you may feel you have your feet firmly on the ground but then you’re hit with ‘Welcome To The Next Level’ which is nothing short of a techno track. ‘Burn Again’ opens with gun clicks followed by gunshots and rapping. This album could be described as bold, eccentric and mind melting at times. We have a feeling this release will be a bit like Marmite, not everyone will like it but some are going to love it. 

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Review by Aggy Gillon