Review: Asinhell – Impii Hora


Impii Hora – Metal Blade Records

Death metal fans might see the name Michael Poulsen, he of Volbeat renown, and not give this album a listen. That would be a huge mistake because Impii Hora is a bit of a beast. Taking in strands of extreme music including grind core and more melodic death metal this fine set of songs have a retro feel to them that reminds you of Entombed in their prime. Everything moves along at a nice tempo with the bass sound chugging away in a satisfyingly menacing way. The tubs are thumped to within an inch of their lives while Poulsen’s guitar work really hits home.  All well and good but it’s the vocals that really cement this record as something special. Marc Grewe is huge on the mic. Everyone just sounds like they’re having such a blast. Please let there be a nice big Asinhell tour!

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Review by Gary Trueman