Interview: The Download Tapes – Lake Malice

Packing out the Avalanche stage with a show stopping performance, including giving away a guitar to fan Lake Malice rocked Download 2023 . From her early daysas a choir singer, Alice Guala has come a long way since then. Teaming up with Blake Cornwall the pair had a clear vision of what they wanted Lake Malice to become. They work hard and are humble and open to the opportunities that may come their way. Aggy Gillon talks to vocalist Alice about the dedication and sacrifice that has made Lake Malice what it is today.

Alt metal band living in brighton 

I saw you playing the Avalanche Stage earlier, it was packed. You also mentioned it was your biggest show so far?

“Yes 100% we have never played a show this big. It’s like a dream come true for us. It’s surreal really.” 

Does it make it extra special for you that it is the Download 20th Anniversary?

“It definitely feels like a big change is happening in the metal industry and the scene in general. You know there’s more of a blend of genres and having Bring Me The Horizon headlining is a huge sign of change. To us we feel lucky to be a part of it and to be considered.”

How did it feel to get such a great reception?

“It was definitely a surprise! Right up until the minute we got on stage we did not know what it was going to be like. We didn’t know what to expect or if it was going to be a big turn out or not. That was shocking and positive.”

Is Download up there as one of the highlight moments of your career for you?

“Download to us just doesn’t feel real. I have massive imposter syndrome being here. It’s one of the biggest festivals in this scene. For us it has ticked the box there.” 

You are a fairly new band. You have done so well in such a short space of time. What would you say you put that down to? 

“Oh my god…I don’t know *laughs* hard work definitely and sacrificing a lot of our lives as well. We have full time jobs and everything like a lot of musicians are in our position. There is a lot of luck. We have been given a lot of good opportunities. I don’t want to say it’s because we are great. Sometimes it’s about having the skills but also the good opportunities that come your way.” 

When did you find out your talents or was it always something you knew you could do or?

“When I was around fifteen or sixteen I started singing in a school choir. It was all Latin religious music. Back then I decided to start a little band in my home town in Italy. We used to play covers by Bullet For My Valentine and Park Way Drive. We wanted to do heavy stuff and I was like I’ll give it a try and so because I was already singing and just started screaming. I did not learn properly. I dont think I’m doing it properly either. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything about music *laughs*”

You’re amazing! I really enjoyed your set. What was the original idea behind Lake Malice?

“Me and Blake had quite a clear idea of what we wanted to do. We have been influenced by so many different genres, new and old music is kind of what brings everything together for us. We always knew we always wanted to do something that is electronic, pop music while keeping the heavy side. We knew exactly what we wanted to do with it. We just do whatever we want basically without thinking too much about the outcome at the moment.”


How did you and Blake meet, as you aren’t both from Italy?

“Blake is from Hastings. I moved to the UK seven years ago. I met Blake a couple of years back and we formed the band.” 

You have an amazing style and big stage presence, what or who are your influences?

“Oh my god…It’s so hard to answer this. There’s a lot of heavy bands that I love seeing live. I love Architects, I love a lot of bands that are here playing. We just toured with Vukovi and we are both big fans of them. We get inspired by so many of our peers who are in the exact same scene right now. Big people from the past but mostly from the scene.”

Did you just arrive today? Have you guys been able to take in the festival experience as well as playing?

“We got here on Thursday night. We camped and then got an Airbnb for the rest of the weekend. So we have stuck around for a little. We saw some of the Metallica set. We have been trying to catch some bands but it’s really hard to do it all at the same time. The heat is really killing us after our show.”

Can you tell me about any releases you have out at the moment?

“Yeah definitely! So we are working on a body of work which is like a mixtape or an E.P. We have some tracks coming out. I don’t really know when to be honest! Were not very well organised *laughs* But this year it’s definitely coming and we’re excited.” 

Do you have anymore UK shows coming up?

“We have some shows coming up with Bloodywood. After that we are going on a UK tour with Vended. We have a few festivals coming up. So quite a lot going on!”

If you could say anything to your fans that came out today what would it be?

“That they are essential and without them we wouldn’t be where we are and we love our community of fans. We have our hardcore ones where we talk to on our discord. You are like my mates, you’re like my second family.”

You guys have been described as the most exciting alt rock band to come out recently. What is the future for the band, what do you envision?

“More touring. Definitely a headline tour. I really want to see it happening. We have never played a headline show. We have headlined a small festival but never done anything like that before. There is so much that we want to do. The sky’s the limit honestly. We want everything. Everything we can get out of this life.”

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Interview and photos by Aggy Gillon