Interview: The Download Tapes – Defects “We are gonna start writing album two and get that out next year probably.”

Playing for the first time in the arena, hot off the heels of their latest album ‘Modern Error’ , Defects are ready to take the world by storm. A self proclaimed ‘lockdown baby’ the band is composed of young seasoned musicians who have decided to collaborate their talents and experience to create their own flavour of modern heavy metal. Ahead of their set, Aggy Gillon talks with Luke Genders (guitar) and Harry Jennings (drums). They discuss the deeply personal inspirations behind their latest release and what to look forward to in the future from Defects.

So last year you played Thursday at Download and this year for the first time in the arena. What does it mean to you to play Download Festival?

Luke: It’s the Mecca for metal in the UK innit

Harry: As a metal band I think anyone who is anyone in this scene is like Download is a really big deal, you know? Think about the bands that have played here before. Even when I was here a few years ago Sleep Token were like second on the smaller stage and look at them now. It’s a very important festival I think.

Your latest album Modern Error was a long time in the making. Can you tell us more about that?

Haerry: A couple of us were together just before the lockdown came on just as a hobby really to write some music. It got more intense in the lockdown and we all came together after that. These songs have been around for a long time. It’s exciting because the rest of the world has only had it for a few weeks and we have had them for ages. It’s really interesting to hear from people who have fresh ears.

We were reading that the new album is quite a personal one. The singer (Tony Maue) speaks a lot about his personal experiences. Obviously he’s not here so can’t really ask him but…

Harry: I have done a lot of interviews with him so I can speak on his behalf. Yeah, he touched on a lot of important issues to him about what he went through growing up. He used that as his therapy and in his words he says music was there for him when no one else was. He has always used it in that regard and now this album touches on some very personal subjects.

Luke: It’s the first time he has done that lyrically as well.

Harry: Some songs he struggles to get through live because of how raw it is. I think it’s important to do that kind of thing because it can help other people talk about their problems as well. We are a champion of opening yourself up and talking to someone.

Luke: Absolutely.

Yeah, we have a lot of respect for that.

Harry: We have unbelievable respect for the heart he has poured into this record. We know how hard it is for him on a  personal level being around him nearly everyday. I’m super proud of him for doing it and it’s turned out to be one of the proudest bodies of work we have ever done.

When did you start the Defects then? As it’s a fairly new collaboration isn’t it.

Luke: Probably 2019

Harry: I joined in January 2021. It’s about three years.

Luke: It was a lockdown baby wasn’t it.

A lot of artists struggled through the lockdown with some not being able to record or being together in person. How did you guys find that?

Luke: That was the thing we couldn’t go into a studio so we had to self record all of our own parts at home and then send it off for mixing and mastering. That was another challenge I don’t think any of us have done before.

What part of the UK are you from?

Harry: I’m from Birmingham, you’re from Wales.

Luke: Well, I live in Wales. Originally from the Midlands.

Harry: And the rest of the guys are from London. We come from all over the place and we have all been in different bands before and have crossed paths at one time or another on different tours in our old bands. And here we are now, altogether.

You have a few festivals coming up after this haven’t you?

Harry: Yeah! We have Graspop next weekend then we are doing some shows with Of Mice and Men which is really exciting.

Luke: I think we are back for a couple of days and then we are in Germany

Harry: Yeah, Germany and Switzerland. We are here, there and everywhere this summer, it’s gonna be fun.

Your show had to be rescheduled to a few hours later today, was that because of the other bands that were dropping out?

Harry: Yeah, we literally got told two days ago. It’s a quick surprise but it’s a nice one.

Are you guys here all weekend?

Luke: Oh yeah.

When did you arrive?

Luke: About an hour ago (Friday)

Harry: Straight after this we’re going to the Dogtooth stage and start preparing for the show!

Yeah man, we’re looking forward to seeing you guys play!

Harry: After we’re gonna be seeing a few bands and seeing some of our mates. Have a good time before we are back on the road again with Of Mice and Men

Luke: Were gonna be a little fragile for that *laughs*

Harry: It’s going to be a wild one. We are very excited *laughs*

What bands are on your hit list this weekend?

Harry: So, definitely Bleed From Within. Love those boys, shout out to Bleed From Within!

Luke: Pan-f*cking-tera!

That’s gonna be a good show.

Luke: Oh, Dude! We also have Funeral For A Friend.

Harry: I have them tattooed on my arm so you’ll catch me there. We’ll catch a bit of Queens of the Stone Age. A bit of desert rock, you know?

Luke: Avenged, Bizkit.


Luke: Oh yeah!

Harry: I’m more of a Fight Star fan personally *laughs* That’s another great thing about Download. You have all your mates and you have amazing bands. It’s just a family of metal! You can make friends so easily as well. You can come here on your own and leave with life long friends.

You become like family with them at the end of this.

Harry: That’s the metal community though. Everyone cares for each other, everyone gives a shit, you know? *laughs*

What do you see for the future for Defects?

Harry and Luke: World Domination! *laughs*

Luke: Straight into album two after the summer I think, innit.

Harry: We are gonna start writing album two and get that out next year probably, you heard it here first!

Luke: Yeah, you got it first *laughs*

Oh aye a nice wee exclusive *laughs*

Harry: So, we have only released the first one. We are hot on the heels of it. We had it for so long and we have got nearly another full body of work ready to go.

Luke: Keep the momentum going for that.

Harry: We want to be touring as much as possible. We do this because we love playing shows. It’s the best natural high you can get. We love our fans. We love everyone who has been on this journey so far. The more we play the more we get to see those people.

Luke: The more it grows the better it gets as well.

Harry: We love everyone involved. man. Including yourselves. People who give us the time we have so much love for.

So, speaking of which, what would you like to say directly to your fans?

Harry: Thank you for everything so far. We are just at the start of the journey. We haven’t been out there for that long.

Luke: We have loads more in the pipeline.

Harry: And we are not stopping. We want it to be bigger and we want it to be better. We want to put on the best show you guys have seen. We want to get everyone involved. If you haven’t yet, listen to the album, come down to a show. We would love to say hello.

Other than what we touched on earlier, have you got any UK shows coming up after this?

Harry: We have a plan for the end of the year that we can’t speak on yet. But we will definitely be playing the UK at the end of the year. A little winter tour, keep an eye on the socials. There will be stuff coming out soon about that. Excited to get out back into the UK properly, man.

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Interview and photos by Aggy Gillon