Interview: The Download Tapes – Snayx

Fitting in neatly on the border between punk and alt rock Snayx are one of the new breed of Brit bands that are currently shaking things up on the UK scene. Their drive and enthusiasm is infectious, their music punchy. Gary Trueman had a chat with the trio ahead of their Download set. The conversation soon turned to their recent double A side release and a debut headline tour.

How exciting is it for you to play Download Festival?

“We’re quite excited – over the moon!”

When did you get the call?

“We were actually in Berlin on tour with Kid Kapichi and got the message through do you want to do Download. It was the quickest yes we’ve ever said.”

Do you think the line up this year has kind of advanced in terms of the fresher younger acts that have been booked?

“Yes, it’s great to see. It’s like an old Reading line up, with those heavier bands in there as well. So it’s evolved a bit.”

What sort of reaction have you had from your own fans that you’re playing here, do they like the festival?

“Yes they do. So many people are here this weekend to see us. We’ve had so many messages saying they’re coming down to the set and they’re looking forward to seeing us play. It’s a way bigger response from our fan base than we expected.”

Are you here for the whole weekend or just today?

“We’re sadly only here for the day. We have another festival to play.”

Are you looking to catch any bands while you’re here for the day?

“We’re very excited for Metallica. And also Mimi Barks and Skindred, if they don’t clash with Metallica.”

Skindred got onto the line up really late in the day, and you’re safe they won’t clash. What have you been up to recently?

“Recently we’ve just put out a double A side ‘Boys In Blue/H.A.N.G’ which has had a really good response to it. We’re currently working on a new EP.”

Does it have a name?

“We haven’t got a name yet…. Watch this space.


Presumably you’ll be touring so do you have anything booked?

“We have a headline tour in October around the UK. That’s it for this year. We had a busy start to the year. So we’re ending it with our debut headline tour.”

Are you finding there are a lot of artists all touring at the same time because of the pile up post pandemic?

“Yes, there seems to be these big windows where everyone seems to be touring. Everyone is psyched for the tour schedule. It’s very busy and tickets are hard to sell at the moment.”

Have your tickets for October gone on sale yet?  If so how have they sold?

“We’ve already sold out three shows. We’re doing fairly small venues but it’s selling really well.”

What’s your best festival survival tip?

“Find free showers. There are always free showers at a festival if you look hard enough. And baby wipes of course!”

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Interview and photos by Gary Trueman