Review: Hex Poseur – Stunning

Hex Poseur

Stunning – Manic Cat Records

Remember the Riot Grrrl movement that had a recent rejuvenation. Well it’s still very much alive and kicking thanks to artists like Hex Poseur. Here we get lo fi production that has a sting in its tail and an approach to writing that is about as honest as it comes. Imagine Hole without the baggage, the Slits with more melody and a grunge centred Siouxsie Sioux all roled into one glorious package.  There’s nothing stupendously technical about the writing, it doesn’t need to be. The clever bit is the assembly of the notes played not how hard it is to play. And ‘Stunning’ is bursting with what should drive any musician – passion. The vocals earworm their way into your brainbox through sheer will of force. Hex Poseur sound like a volcano ready to erupt. Their earlier EPs were a seismic warning to stand back. Now with a full album the shock waves will reverberate far and wide. ‘Stunning’ is exactly what it says on the CD cover.

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Review by Gary Trueman