Live Review: Saint Agnes, The Bodega, Nottingham

Saint Agnes, Crashface and Hex Poseur

The Bodega, Nottingham


Nottingham’s Bodega is a prime example of a great little venue that needs constant support to allow it to in turn support emerging artists. And one of those artists benefitting from that support is Hex Poseur. They are exactly why you should turn up early and catch the support acts. And to be fair many people have. Vibing Babes In Toyland riot grrrl with a hint of punchy alt rock this immensely talented trio are strong in all departments. With vocals snarling, bass rumbling and drums hitting you like multiple left hooks Hex Poseur get this gig off to a flyer.

Fresh faced they may be, but Crashface play like veterans. Their music pulls from a wide variety of sources blended into a unique sound. Tonight’s set may well be quite short (thanks curfew) but it is packed with quality. The vocals impress in both power and clarity. The rhythm section produces some deft touches taking the set-in adventurous directions and give the guitar room to work its magic (more on that later). Crashface are one of those bands that put a smile on your face and bring a much-needed warm fuzzy feeling to your heart on a chilly Wednesday night in Nottingham. Tonight, they do more than enough to suggest a headline run of their own would be very welcome.

There’s an air of anticipation that’s electric as the intro music begins for headline act Saint Agnes. They’re riding high on the back of their stonking album ‘Bloodsuckers’ and in Kitty they have a frontwoman with the kind of charisma that shines like the sun. When they hit the stage it’s like a handle has been thrown in one of those old horror movies that allows lightning to bring life to an insane creation. This is real rock music; it gives you goosebumps all over and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. The music is a heady mix of rock, metal and gothic, beautifully paced and arranged. A special mention has to go out here to Maxine on bass, she’s pulled a double shift having already been on stage playing guitar for Crashface. Clearly someone had an extra Weetabix this morning! The mood changes when Kitty sings ‘This Is Not The End’, standing in the crowd. This song written after the loss of her mother shows another side to both the band and singer. Tonight Saint Agnes cement even further their growing reputation as one of the best bands on the circuit right now. At their current trajectory having the privilege of seeing them play intimate venues like the Bodega may soon be in the past.

Review and photos by Gary Trueman