Interview: Buried By My Heartache “All the different dynamics of what the songs are, they all have a piece of us in them.”

Music is an ever progressing force. It never stands still so musicians that try to repeat what’s already been done get left behind. It also ebbs and flows with a reliance on new ideas keeping a certain style at the forefront of popularity.  Enter Buried By My Heartache, who are making waves by offering a fresh take on the previously in danger of stagnation metalcore scene. Gary Trueman shared a few pints with the band and chatted about how they got their name, their writing process and new EP ‘Suffer’

Would you like to introduce yourselves

“We are Jo on guitar, Matty7 on bass, Jazzy on rhythm guitar, Munkey on vocals and Chippy on drums.”

Let’s start with the name Buried By My Heartache, how did that come about?

“Jazzy and Chippy came up with it years ago. They were looking for a band name and originally came up with Restless Assassins but they were both going through really hard times. There were relationship problems and a suicide attempt and we came up with Buried By My Heartache which really fitted how we were feeling at the time. We literally nearly were buried by our heartache.”

The name length is something you see a lot more now. You’ve got Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine who have both now done really well.  Do you think you’re going to follow the trend and follow in their footsteps?

“Well our style is early 2000s metalcore, it’s definitely a big influence. With those longer names for bands, there’s more meaning. You’ve got Bullet For My Valentine and Motionless In White, it’s those sort of names, we tie in well with them musically too.”

Even with the fresher feel to you music you still have a little retro vibe going on too. Where does that influence come from in terms of bands?

“We’ve all got a different range of influences. Jo’s is 80s thrash, Matty7 and Jazzy like Tool and prog stuff,  Chippy is metalcore, and Munkey, well 80s bongo drums haha!,  his is probably 70s metal! It’s a combination of that really and that’s what helps us have our own take on melodic metalcore.”

You touched on a key word there which is ‘melodic’. Do you think that’s an important part of being able to engage with a wider audience?

“Definitely.  It gives the music more character and makes it more relatable. It does give it a broader appeal. We’ve got fans from 16 up to their 80s because there’s a little bit in there for everybody.”

You recently played the Metal To The Masses to hopefully qualify to play Bloodstock Festival. You’ve reached the grand final for the Nottingham area. Tell us a little bit about that and how it went?

“We got to the semi finals last year and unfortunately didn’t make it through but this time we did, we came back stronger. We went away and said what can we do different, how can we make ourselves better?”


Was there a maturing of the band in that year too?

“A hundred percent. With the EP we put out then (Heart Shaped Grenade) we were still trying to get to know each other and our writing styles. With the latest EP (Suffer) we knew how each other worked better, how the guitars would work, the drums work and the vocals work. We have said with the new single (Suffer In Silence) it does show how we’ve all matured. This whole EP shows how we’ve matured as a band. All the songs on this EP are the sum of the whole of us. It’s not just one person writing all of it.”

What about the vocals?

“Munkey does most of them. He knows what he can and can’t do. But he does see if a set of lyrics works with the music. Other people do have input and try to write in his style and with his vocal in mind. Jazzy adds backing vocals too to give things a bit more depth. And then back to the melody, that comes from the vocal lines.”

You’ve just released the new four track EP called ‘Suffer’. Was that written over a short period of time or was it a longer project? Was it something you set out to do?

“We set out to write it and it took us a little while to do. We wrote a bunch of songs and those were the ones we felt gelled the most and in that order. It’s a very organic process, writing, because of the chemistry we have in the band room. It’s second to none. All the different dynamics of what the songs are, they all have a piece of us in them. When we write together it’s just so natural. Nothing is forced. No one is precious about anything and that’s what makes our relationship work.”

Even though the songs are diverse and have their own identity you still have a band signature running through them. Is that something you hope to build on, what are your aims for the future? Are you looking at another EP or maybe a full album next time?

“It depends on the market really. Things are changing economically at the moment. People aren’t buying albums so much anymore.”

Have you got songs that you rejected for ‘Suffer’ that you’d still entertain putting on a future release?

“Yes!  Basically we’ve got a big white board with every song we’ve written on it. We’ve got whether it’s on an EP or if it’s a work in progress. With ‘Suffer’ we discussed which songs gelled with which other songs and some maybe we’ll keep back.  So we’ve got this list, we’ve got a brilliant back catalogue of songs, some are yet to see the light of day. It’s because we’re constantly writing so we have that organic growth. We’re not afraid to try something new as well. Some songs that didn’t fit are a good side step to the left, like Bring Me The Horizon evolved so much, so people might love them they might not. Some people might not like that but we might make a whole bunch of new fans.”

Well it did work out well for Bring Me The Horizon didn’t it?

“Yeah, those 20 fans who don’t like that they don’t do the deathcore stuff anymore but they made 20 million new fans that like their new music.  They’re evolving and trying new things. So we do have a little bit of that in the side pocket.


You obviously all get on really well judging by the banter during the photo shoot. It was a hoot with a lot of goofing about, as it should be. So who does what within the band outside of the music.  Who does all the stuff people don’t tend to see like merch design and working the social media sites etc?

“Matty7 is our resident receptionist and secretary. Munkey looks after the website and the art work. He used to be a website designer so it comes naturally.  He’s just a complete nerd. We take turns to do the driving.”

What about the designated DJ for trips?

“Whoever is in the passenger seat. Someone will wat Dying Fetus but we’ll end up with Asian Hookers instead haha!”

So to round things off which band would each of you love to share a stage with and why?

Jo: “I’d love to share a stage with Lamb Of God. They’re awesome and to me they’re like a new classic band. You’ve had Megadeth and Pantera, they’re my Pantera.”

Matty7: “For me it has to be Killswitch Engage. You’ve got the original big four of thrash and for me, and many others Killswitch are one of the big four metalcore bands. There’s a running joke with our management that we;re Killswitch Engage from Poundland. Poundland Engage!”

Jazzy: “I’d love to share a stage with Motionless In White. I adore them, especially Chris. His vocal is so unique. He can fry certain vowels, it’s just beautiful.”

Munkey: “I’m going to pick two because my mum would hate me for not saying this – the first one would be Uriah Heap because that’s how my mum got me into metal. It was her band. And also, again, Killswitch Engage. Howard Jones in particular although he’s not with them at the minute.”

Chippy: “There’s only one band that  can say and That’s Bullet For My Valentine. Ever since the age of 13 and the first time |I heard ‘Tears Don’t Fall’. That was the thing that got me into metalcore. What Matt said earlier about the big four of metalcore, I’d class Bullet as one of those. They got me through loads of stuff, and I’ve still not seen a full set. I went to see them in Liverpool with my lovely Sophie and unfortunately I moshed a bit too hard and got dragged over the barrier. And I got chucked out. But I did get to meet Atreyu. So yes! Bullet For My Valentine, all the way.”

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Interview and Photos by Gary Trueman