Review: Buried By My Heartache – Suffer EP

Buried By My Heartache

Suffer EP – Self Released

Where, some people have asked, has all the metal gone?  You know the stuff – The fist pumping, horn throwing mayhem that is just pure unadulterated fun.  Well it turns out it’s currently residing in Spalding deep in the sleepy fens of Lincolnshire. Buried By My Heartache seem intent on putting their home town on the map with this four track EP. It has all the hallmarks of a classic. The drums are machine gun fast while the bass demands you imagine it being played a la Steve Harris. The guitar work is just the right side of shred. Not too indulgent but it still shows off plenty of skill.  Then there are the vocals. They are clean but infused with a shrapnel rasp that sound like they were honed using Jack Daniels and many late nights out shouting lyrics at gigs. The writing is supremely consistent right through this little nugget which bombs along with foot firmly to the floor. It is everything a metalhead would want. You need to deliver something special to get noticed these days with music at saturation point. Buried By My Heartache have done just that and then some.

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Review by Gary Trueman