Feature: Download Festival 2023 – Five Acts To Check Out

We all have our must see acts at a festival. Often these will be the big hitters but with plenty of time to plan a full day there are also some fantastic less well known artists too. With a fourth day added for their 20th anniversary celebrations Download now has even more to see this year. Here are our pick of five acts you might not be familiar with that would be well worth checking out.

Mimi Barks – Thursday June 8th Dogtooth Stage                      

Dark, introspective and deliciously menacing Mimi Barks brings something unique to every party. Her ‘doom trap’ sound is like nothing else out there. One of a host of bright new things bringing a well honed modern edge to Donington Barks has the ability to change the mood in an instant. On the extra day this is one act that could well set the tone for the whole weekend.

Mimi Barks – Facebook

The Warning – Friday June 9th Opus Stage

Three sisters from Mexico who threatened greatness as teenagers with a Metallica cover that went viral and have now officially delivered. If you’re a fan of Halestorm or Shinedown then this hard rocking trio are not to be missed. Look out for some stunning vocals, powerfully backed up from behind the drum kit and high quality song writing.

The Warning – Facebook

Static Dress – Saturday June 10th Opus Stage

Yorkshire produces more than its fair share of fantastic bands and Static Dress are yet another that have emerged in recent years. Their music is technically on point but not so much that it is just blind science to listen to. Think Muse, Biffy and a sprinkling of MCR, but formed from Dales granite and you get the picture. Miss them at your peril.

Static Dress – Facebook

Bambi Thug – Saturday June 10th Dogtooth Stage

Bambi Thug is less a musician and more a human immersive art show. Both visually challenging and stunning at the same time they also have some banging songs to make you prick your ears up. This is a very progressive booking by Download, like Bimini last year Bambi Thug will delight everyone that chooses to catch their set.

Bambi Thug – Facebook

Bloodywood – Sunday June 11th Apex Stage

Already relatively well known India’s Bloodywood combine metal anthems with more traditionally sourced sounds. The result is an assault on the senses that demands you leap about like a lunatic. The way forward for music is more inclusivity and Bloodywood are firmly set to be future superstars. Sunday’s can see fatigue set in but these guys will soon wake you up.

Bloodywood – Facebook

Feature by Gary Trueman