Live Review: Desert Storm – 31/03/2023

With widespread floods the night’s music is by no means a given. Luckily the roads haven’t been closed, but combined with an early start and Oxford’s notorious parking it means the first two bands have been and gone by the time we get into the venue. That still leaves three bands for the night which is a good night of music in anyone’s book.

Drama Kids are the first band we catch. These four Oxford based punks put on a noisy display. It’s not their first outing with Desert Storm and they’ve got a few fans in the crowd willing to get noisy with them. Punk and disorderly.

Inhuman Nature are next up and they don’t hide their influences. Despite a bass player that looks like he’d be more comfortable playing for the Exploited they do a great impression of a Slayer tribute act. The only thing missing is Kerry King coming out to do a cameo with them. This is no cover act though, it’s all original stuff. Despite the familiar sound they put on a great show and the crowd is coaxed down to the barrier to get head banging. Thrashtastic.

Desert Storm are on last and there’s plenty of tracks off their new album being played. It’s a harder and heavier sound than before, arguably their best work if you prefer your music heavy and loud. As before there’s plenty of head banging action at the front and the crowd are suitably hot and sweaty. There’s plenty of action in the crowd and on stage the band are suitably enthusiastic. A storm in a beer cup.