Review: Feuerschwanz – Todsünden




Napalm Records

Hailing from Germany this 9 piece mediaeval folk rock band have intertwined violins, flutes, pipes, guitar, bass and drums to popular classics bringing you a unique covers album. While staying true to the original art they have blessed these tracks with their own artistic take and flair. ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ is a strong opener and works great with Hauptmann’s and Hodi’s melodic and heavy vocals. It is an instantly recognisable tune but they have managed to put their own stamp on it. Although a fun and light hearted concept the talent is undeniable and makes it a solid track. ‘Bad Touch’ unexpectedly opens with the sound of a monastery singing and then into the more recognisable tongue in cheek classic by Bloodhound Gang. Todsünden is a multi-lingual release which gives it an extra added edge. ‘I See Fire’ originally by Ed Sheeran is an emotive track which works beautifully within their style and may even give Ed a run for his money. ‘Engel’ by fellow German band Rammstein gets the FEUERCHWANZ treatment which gives the song a whole new vibe. Other bands covered include Amon Amarth, The Weeknd, Sabaton and Europe. A mix of pop, metal and rock expertly delivered into a fun and impressive album. We can see this being blared out from festival campsites this summer and the band would serve as an excellent addition to any line up.

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Review by Aggy Gillon