Live Review: Palaye Royale @ Pryzm Kingston, London


Palaye Royale

Album Release Show

Pryzm Kingston, London

Having recently released fourth studio album ‘Fever Dream’ Palaye Royale found a gap in their hectic touring schedule and took a short trip over to the UK to celebrate with three very intimate acoustic performances and record signings. A surprising announcement given that they have a UK tour happening in just a few months but the news was welcome indeed.


There is a steady trickle of excitable fans joining the line outside the venue until around an hour before the show when there is a sizeable queue down the Kingston road. During the day the band make a couple of appearances and take time to say hello to fans, take photos and receive gifts. Well known for their devotion to their followers it’s always heart-warming to see how genuinely grateful they are for each and every one. In particular today and on a personal note they are warmed by the presence of my own daughter, who is just 9 years old and adores the band and they each took time to speak with, hug and take pictures with her. Drummer Emerson even gifted her with a few items of their merch making it a truly special and memorable occasion.


There is a great atmosphere in the room as we wait for the three brothers to take to the stage which is set with candles and feels incredibly cosy. Ordinarily from the second the show starts your adrenaline is pumping and you don’t know where to look for all the action. Tonight the fans are able to get up close and witness a wonderful emotionally charged performance. Their versatility really shines here and other aspects of their musical talents are highlighted. Emerson takes to the piano this evening instead of drums giving the songs a softer edge. Remington’s stripped back vocals are raw and beautiful and drive home songs such as ‘Broken’ and ‘Line It Up’ in a whole new way.


You can feel the vulnerability in his voice and when he makes eye contact with the happy, yet some teary faces in front of him a genuine smile forms and he is clearly humbled. You can also feel the huge love and respect between the three, it’s clear from Sebastian’s smiles and glances at Remington and Emerson that he is proud of them and likewise Remington often looks to each of them and exchanges a warm beam with his big brother to his right and his younger brother to his left sharing in their expression and creativity must make Mama Royale (their ever supportive mother is with them tonight) absolutely beam with pride! It feels really special to share moments like this with a band that are expanding constantly and playing bigger shows. As with larger venue performances there is always a noticeable distance between fan and band, connected by the music yes but this hits a different way. Here tonight, there is a real personal level that just makes it significant and wonderful in a whole different way.

Palaye Royales European and UK tour runs from January through to March 2023 with some dates already sold out.

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Reviewed By Rebecca Bush

Photos by Rebecca Bush