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Review: Singles Round Up V1.4

Singles Round Up V 1.4

Kuro – Obscene

Supporting the LGBT scene ‘Obscene’ is a chunk of dark EBM/metal magic. There’s a little bit of something for everyone musically. It has enough of a beat for clubs, plenty of depth for a good listen and it rocks out too, so great to just crank up to 11. There’s a heavy nod towards the fetish community too, particularly in the video, a welcome reminder that all of these ‘scenes’ are linked and overlap. Vocals are snarled wonderfully well. If you’re a fan of acts like Combichrist or 3Teeth then this is very much for you.

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Ruena – Glitch

“Normality is a prison, built without a door” pretty much sums up the theme of this strikingly potent debut single from Ruena.  This is as complete as it gets in terms of launching your career as a solo artist. The vocals are clear and memorable.  Well paced, wonderfully arranged and bad ass through and through this is a great song on so many levels. Yes you can just sit down and enjoy it. But it also speaks to those who find themselves the square pegs in a world full of round holes. Many will find it, and the video, inspiring. Ruena sounds like she’s here to stay.

Ruena – Instagram

The Hot Damn – Live Laugh Love

Things are a bit difficult at the moment so what better way to forget about the clouds hanging over us than a bit of bubblegum rock courtesy of The Hot Damn. This is a bright little tune that sits comfortably in happy hour territory. You get bright vocals, lovely harmonies and no shortage of smiles. The video, so important in driving a single release is uber colourful and as upbeat and fun as the song itself. The only question that remains is why aren’t The Hot Damn a household name yet?

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Lady Rage – Bit By Bit

Punk metal icons Lady Rage never do anything half arsed.  Take latest offering Bit By Bit which knees you firmly in the unmentionables but does it with so much style you want to come back for more. Siren Sycho is crisp and very angry up front on the mic while the band are pin sharp. All well and good there then. Bit By Bit shows how far the band have progressed since their inception with the song writing seemingly coming fully alive of late. The video has some nice quirky moments too showing a different side to the group. Ladies, keep raging on!

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