Review: Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead!



The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead!


In a world that appears to be getting worse by the day, ‘The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead!’ has the ability to make you headbang so hard your retinas detach, leaving you potentially unable to see the whole shitshow anymore. Fact. Possibly. So inhale, exhale, show the volume (and the neighbours) no mercy and mosh your heart out to this monolith. You want obscene riffs? Dominating drums power-playing all over the place? The growls and gravel of our beloved Dave Mustaine taking charge of proceedings? Sure you do! And that’s precisely what Megadeth are blasting your way. You want a guest performance by Ice T? You. Got. It. Ice T gets involved in ‘Night Stalkers’. Ice Teeeeeeee!!!! The words to ‘Soldier On!’ would move you to tears if the underpinning thrashing of instruments wasn’t so busy being heavy enough to move tectonic plates. Megadeth end the onslaught with ‘We’ll Be Back’, which is about as radio friendly as they manage to get, and is literal music to our ears in sentiment and in song. ‘The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead!’ shoves track after track of thrash-filled-goodness down your throat. Get this record on, get your spirits up and get the furniture out the way. Because the time has come to slam dance yourself into oblivion. Or into the kitchen at any rate.

Reviewed By Jo Wright