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Invisible Enemy – Self released

With all manner of trials and obstacles besetting Joanovarc it’s a credit to them that they’ve got ‘Invisible Enemy’ out at all. And oh boy is it a cracker! Moving on from their hard rock roots this is a heavier affair in many places. It crosses into pure metal territory but never loses the groove the band are known for. You get some lovely trademark harmonies too. It’s a broader set of songs rather than a moving away from anything. Vocals are crisp and clean. The guitars fizz along with strength and depth. The drums are a real anchor. And then there’s that bass. Keira Kenworthy is well known as one of the best four stringers around and Joanovarc prove to be a wonderful vehicle for her talents. ‘Invisible Enemy’ is a fine record put out in uncertain times. Give it a listen, enjoy, and cross your fingers this wonderful band will continue well into the future.

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Review by Gary Trueman