Review: Temple Of Deimos – Heading For Saint Reaper










Temple Of Deimos

Heading To Saint Reaper – Argonauta Records

So, what exactly is ‘Desert Rock’? This is a good question. It’s galloping, gallivanting, hypnotic melodies that engage both sides of the brain, along with fuzzy guitars and hazy, echoing vocals. Oh, and it’s the music made by Genoa-based Temple Of Deimos. And it is, therefore, good music. It’s instrumentally clever. For example, imagine what a robot sounds like. ‘Suddenly Like A Robot’ does, indeed, sound like this. ‘Deadly Lines’ is the musical equivalent of an open road and a car full of your friends. Not a tractor, red light or raincloud in sight. ‘Charlie Song (Thirteen Times Yeah)’ has a Queens Of The Stone Age vibe. And … is that a bit of Mathcore in ‘Gianni’???? Crumbs – ‘Heading To Saint Reaper’ is quite the wild ride. As if the band hadn’t given us enough musical goodness, the whole damn intriguing, enlightening album ends with seven minute instrumental epic ‘Yawning Girl’. Guys! Do the only sensible thing in this sort of situation. Give Temple Of Deimos’ third album a metaphorical spin.

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Review by Jo Wright