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Papa Roach

Ego Trip – New Noize Records

Unshackling from ‘that’ song could have been a hard task for Papa Roach. While it made them a household name it almost served to define them too, which is grossly unfair on both the band and the rest of their catalogue. They’ve overcome the one hit tag by simply burying themselves in graft and professionalism. Ego Trip is a grand summation of why the Vacaville outfit have not only endured but have grown in stature over time. It’s easy for acts to find a formula that works and stick to it until fans start to nod off.  Equally we see others go for grand experimentation that grates like fingers down a chalk board. The Roach, always a heady mix of styles anyway have not so much moved with the times but have stayed ahead of them. This record feels so fresh you’d swear you were listening to some highly talented twenty somethings bursting with ideas. Every song has the street smarts with punchy writing and effective arrangements. Jacoby Shaddix sounds energised throughout and sings his heart out. There’s enough familiarity to please older fans and enough originality to gain more. Ego Trip is the album you’ll be playing all summer long. It perfectly matches the mood of those long days and fun times. It’ll be the first things you’ll want to play…… never your last resort.

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Review by Gary Trueman