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Sumo Cyco

Initiation – Napalm Records

Assorted GCSEs and A-Levels, a degree, professional qualifications and several years out in the big wide world as an actual journalist should mean Devo can come up with a better opening sentence than as follows: ‘Initiation’ is so damn catchy. But it’s true. ‘Initiation’ is noisy. It’s fun. It’s fierce. It crosses genres left, right and centre. Skye Sever’s vocals are savage and sweet. The music is futuristic. Pop/punk/rock. You name it, Skye and her finest men are bringing it. ‘Initiation’ is a breath of fresh air, while managing to be claustrophobic. There is little room to move within the high speed, high powered lyrical blast and technical tunes. This record is an absolute riot of sound borne of fact mixed with fiction. Whatever your musical tastes, there’s something for you here. Sumo Cyco hit hard, have a soft side, and are one of the things that are great about the modern alt music scene. Sure, we all like to get nostalgic about bands from our past, but if you plonk this one on your playlist you won’t be going far wrong.

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Review by Jo Wright