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Verity White

Ungrounded – WDFD Records

You have to be outstanding to stand out in the music industry these days. You need to be able to create that sweet spot of sensory pleasure that brings you into sharp relief in a sea of other talented musicians. On the face of it Ungrounded is just another unassuming EP sitting in the mid-ocean of rock, right up until you press play. Oh boy! This is something special. In four songs we get blitzed with huge hooks, skilled writing and the kind of vocals that have you wondering why Verity White isn’t already a household name. On opener, the ballsy ‘A Little Bit Of Trouble’ you keep getting reminded of a young Lzzy Hale. Later the tempo drops and White turns into Melora Creager from Rasputina. That’s quite a feat. It’s this quirkiness that really drives home what makes Verity White such an exciting artist to listen to. This is music that doesn’t so much wave at you coyly, it boldly walks up to you and then screams at you to listen. We all know there are a lot of fantastic new artists out there that deserve to be heard. Ungrounded has made Verity White shout louder than most.

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Review by Gary Trueman