Review: Ve Cosmetics and Cradle of Filth – Deadly Nightshade Palette


Cradle of Filth and VE cosmetics launches eyeshadow palette collaboration
Whether you are layering on the corpse paint,  going full goth glam or sticking to a little smudged liner, I would be lying if I said makeup wasn’t an important factor in the aesthetic of the alternative community. Many bands indulge in such visual fun including painted up icons, Cradle of Filth who have teamed up with independent and somewhat magical brand VE Cosmetics to create The Deadly Nightshade Eyeshadow palette.
With the help of graphics artist CraftyB, the packaging screams Cradle of Filth with its barbed wire patterning and additional shading to give a shadow effect across the item. The design carries on inside where the palette includes a mirror and 9 pressed eyeshadows. I was expecting various shades of blacks, maybe a few dark purples and reds but this is far more colourful! It includes:
Dusk: Shimmer blue
Damnation: Matte Dark Teal
Cryptoriana: Matte dark grey based blue
Nymphetamine: Shimmer orange
Enslave: Matte Yellow!
Vempire: Rich metallic gold
Darkly: Black (matte base with fine glitter)
Cruelty:  Matte Blood red
Midian: Metallic deep purple
Admittedly, I did not feel this screamed “Deadly nightshade” nor did it scream Cradle of Filth.
However, each shadow is based off an EP or Studio album from the band discography so looking at album artwork, the colours make a lot more sense! Think theatrical demons rather than fallen angels. I decided to play around with looks myself!
Here we have a classic goth girl look using the red and black colours in the palette (all other makeup/eyelashes are VE cosmetics)
Next I tried something more abstract, colourful and high fashion using the brighter colours from the palette.
In this image i am only wearing these eyeshadows, foundation and a little clear lipgloss
And finally tried a witchy dark ritual look with the purples and black in the palette
(all other makeup is ve cosmetics but these were the only shadows used)
The pigmentation of the palette is strikingly bold with depth which also work incredibly well together when blending.  The amount of variation of cool and warm tones means this palette would be perfect for anyone looking to experiment more with their makeup whilst including some classic dark gothic tones.
Overall, the quality of the makeup and design work is fabulous as well as being a vegan and cruelty free product.
A wonderful collaboration but the colour choices may divide opinions, similar to the band; you’ll either love ’em or hate ’em.

By Alice Bizarre

Alice Bizarre is an SFX make-up artist and film writer, a prop maker and prosthetic sculptor.