Review: It Comes In Waves – The Devil Sure Knows










It Comes In Waves

The Devil Sure Knows – Self released

In a world of thrashing guitars and angry vocalists it’s nice to have music to sooth your brow once in a while. It Comes In Waves takes the stripped back sound of the acoustic guitar and folds it into a new shape. There are hints of Johnny Cash, Velvet Chain and Darling Violetta, a swirl of flavours that are blended to perfection. The tempo is country, the vocal is near pop (actually quite near Ellie Goulding) but the vibe is dark. Make no mistake fans from the alternative spectrum will love those sombre notes and delicious use of chord structure. This four song EP has originality running right through it. It has enough variety to make a statement without going awol and the production sounds expensively superb. Listen more than once and you start to really appreciate how classy those vocals are too.  Understated but sung with real passion. The Devil Sure Knows is a cracking record that no doubt would be appreciated by Lucifer himself if he heard it.

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Review by Gary Trueman