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Cowards – Waterlow Audio

Tight, technical and really, REALLY heavy, if you’ve had one too many drinkies good luck with this record in the morning. The bass is something else. While grunge, back in the day, could be a frantic blast of guitars and angst, ‘Cowards’ is capable of taking its time, and has a laid back, stoner element. There’s no slacking here though. Badguyswin have put ‘Cowards’ together very carefully. As their blurb says, you get a different listening experience with each track. In the true style of grunge, ‘Cowards’ refuses to fade into the background. It catches the ear and makes you seek out where that sound is coming from. If you want background music, this isn’t the album for you. But let’s face it – where’s the fun in being a wallflower?

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Review by Jo Wright