Review: The Muffinheads – F£E$h










The Muffin Heads

F£E$h – Self released

Four tracks, that’s all it takes, and the foundations of your house will crumble to dust. The Muffin Heads aren’t any ordinary punk rock band. For one thing their songs span a wider range of the music spectrum. There are gothic undertones and somehow some black metal vibes in the mix too. Then there’s the vocals. Rebecca Dolan wields a mean bass but does look a little like butter wouldn’t melt…. then she sings… and the voice of Beelzebub comes out. For those not in the know it can be a rather disturbing experience. Even for those that do know what to expect it’s still quite amazing.  And all this devilish stuff translates so well onto a recording too. The production is quite stark which gives the three piece a real chance to all play there part.  The drums are precise, the guitar shreds and that mighty bass grooves.  You get some nice variations in pace too, this is far from a quick blast and off to the pub. This is Mudhoney meets Motorhead, and it’s a little slice of music heaven.

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Review by Gary Trueman