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The Black Dahlia Murder

Verminous – Metal Blade Records

Verteran death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder have to be applauded for not simply trying to take things more extreme levels on Verminous. What they’ve done instead is combine their natural tendency for brutality with some grass roots metal. The result is mostly head poundingly excellent although here and there the join can be seen. You have to remember this is one of the bands many regard as in the elite bracket before looking at criticisms though, Those joins are still pretty tidy. Fans will love Verminous and it’ll likely gain the Michigan five piece some extra followers too. The vocals are still strong and crucially they’ll be familiar too. The music benefits from this new broadening of horizons with artistic creativity clearly a big part of the drive towards offering a modified if not new sound. Artists need to grow, they need to be allowed and encouraged to progress or they’ll stagnate. This is The Black Dahlia Murder showing some welcome new moves and sounds. This could be the beginning of their next chapter.

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Review by Gary Trueman