Review: Vukovi – Fall Better











Fall Better – Kartel Music Group

Vukovi are a Scottish band on the rise and one to look out for, with over 14k likes on Facebook and an ever expanding fanbase worldwide. With a fun and quirky introduction, ‘Fall Better’ sets us up for a fast and crazy ride with a cheeky parody of a radio recording. After which You are greeted with a mixture of dirty bass and guitar riffs, strong and fierce vocals courtesy of lead vocalist Janine Shilstone, and powerful and upbeat tracks, reminiscent of a pop/punk/rock fusion, that at times echoes influences of Paramore, Evanescence and even Sia.  ‘Violent Minds’ throws you in at the deep end, it’s  a song that grips you tightly and pulls you in. ’Play With Me’ injects an electro-pop melody into a cool dancetrack I can easily see being popular in clubs. Whereas ‘ White Lies’ has a steadier tempo that builds into a softer paced number in comparison. The album is an exciting mix that we are more than sure fans and future fans will adore.

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Review by Lucy Slessor