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Sleep Token
Sundowning – Spinefarm records
Sleep tokens new album Sundowning, is a combination of dreamy electronic keys, teamed with industrial infused hard rock riffs, strong vocals and dirty good guitars. The opening track ‘The Night Does Not Belong To God’ lulls you in with gentle arpeggios, and clear vocals, yet when the drums kick in, we find ourselves transported through what can only be described as a bittersweet trip through a dream. ‘The Offering’ and ‘Gods’ change up the pace dramatically. ‘The Offering’ steps in hard with filthy heavy rock, while ‘Gods’ is more like a trip through hell in suspenders and heels. Tracks like ‘Sugar’ and ‘Take Aim’ offer up a softer and often melancholy vibe in stark contrast. All in all, Sleep Token are justifiably drawing attention. Sundowning kicks arse in all the bestways. These guys are worth keeping an eye on, they will be going places and I for one am joining the ride.

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Review by Lucy Slessor