Review: Cradle Of Filth Cruelty and The Beast – Remistressed


Cradle Of Filth
Cruelty and The Beast – Remistressed
(Music For Nations)

Cradle Of Filth were my first real foray into the Black Metal genre and I was led into it like an eager submissive by this truly epic album some 21 years ago. When first hearing that Cruelty and the Beast was being remastered and remixed for a release this year I was a little sceptical. I really didn’t want it to lose its edge, originality or the raw unbridled passion and diy feel production (which many had gripes with upon its initial release) that I had grown to love and admire on the original recording. With its exclusive linear notes from both Dani Filth himself and Cvlt author Dayal Patterson, stunning new artwork and the inclusion of the cover ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ this record had already transcended expectation and I am pleased to say that the story of the countess is just as impressive sounding now in 2019 . With a fresh overhaul and many fine tweaks this album dare I say it – has somewhat evolved and has finally become the release I think it was always meant and intended to be. The production on the thunderous drums and the crisp intensity of the vocals and narrations are immense. The band have had a favourable resurgence in the last eighteen months or so and this re-mistressed offering will serve well for old avid fanatics as well as entice in new blood. It’s still utterly romantic, still deeply innovative, still has the metal, orchestral and gothic elements all entwined and is still a sublime work of art. Just more so now.

Review By Nickie Hobbs