Review: William DuVall – One Alaone










William DuVall

One Alone – Dvl Recordings

This album is enchanting – simply lovely. Just one man (albeit a musical legend) and an acoustic guitar. It would be a bad idea to write this review for soundbites and use fancy schmancy words. Disrespectful, really. Because William DuVall is laying out his heart and soul for us to hear. ‘One Alone’ is intimate and personal. It’s raw, soulful and musically sublime. DuVall’s voice suits these songs so much. Somehow the Alice In Chains frontman makes you breathe a little deeper with his songs. Takes your attention. Trades your thoughts for his. The rest of the world can wait while you listen to ‘One Alone’. Such is the overwhelming allure of these songs, it has to. Set aside some time for yourself and indulge. You will be blown away.

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Review by Jo Wright