Review: The Glorious Sons – A War On Everything










The Glorious Sons

A War On Everything – Black Box Music

There’s a simplicity to The Glorious Sons’ music, almost a naivety, which belies just how adept they are at putting a song together. There are no real challenging moments, no straying from musical conventions. This is all about nuance and understanding. It’s about music that feels right, music that has heart. A War On Everything tackles many now popular and well written about subjects, most notably mental health, but it never preaches. It’s an insight into insight, an observation if you please. Lyrically their most mature work The Glorious Sons have delivered a record that isn’t quite easy listening but is very easy to listen to. It’s rock for those chill out moments. It’s a war on everything but it’s done almost peacefully.

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Review by Gary Trueman