Review: Lonely Dakota – End Of Days










Lonely Dakota

End Of Days – Self Released

Ones to keep an eye on, Lonely Dakota knock out dirty riffs, gravelly vocals and classic, well-crafted rock for our listening pleasure. Their no-compromise five-track EP accelerates ever onwards, kicking up dust and spitting fumes into the face of anyone not on board. ‘Overdrive’ builds and teases like an itch you can’t quite reach, until the chorus crash-lands and makes you feel you can claw that scratchy spot until it bleeds. Broken-hearted, emotionally raw ‘Medication’ has the prettiest chorus for the most melancholy of songs. Title track ‘End Of Days’ breaks like a welcome thunderstorm on a hot day, and it’s disappointing when this track finishes. Same sentiment for the whole EP, thinking about it. But all good things have to end. Which puts Lonely Dakota’s record in the same category as Sauvignon Blanc, holidays, cheesecake and my thirties. High praise indeed.

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Review by Jo Wright