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Walk Amongst Rebels – Self Released

There’s quite a resurgence at the moment in the area of the music spectrum labelled industrial.  It’s no doubt in part to acts such as Rammstein but that’s not all of it. Recently 3Teeth released an album that is conspicuously up tempo.  Now Syd.31 have brought out an album that sees them forge a path somewhere in the realm of Combichrist and God Module but with the pace of a sprinter.   The great thing about Walk Amongst Rebels is that it sounds like none of those bands directly, but it is very much a dystopian apocalypse surviving cousin.  Syd.31 have to be congratulated for reinventing themselves and taking a great leap of faith in putting this album out.   You also have to say it was well worth the effort. The songs are almost all likely to be well received on the alternative club scene and the production is outstanding.  Syd.31 haven’t just taken industrial music into the now they’ve shown what it could be in the future.

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Review by Gary Trueman