Review: Hell And Hollar – 442 EP


Hell And Hollar

442 EP – Self Released

Settle down and listen up to a debut EP of foot-tapping, head-nodding, blues-tinged groove from Florida’s finest. Long, mellow intros and easy rock and roll are standard in ‘442 EP’, which has a roll with the punches kind of vibe. A not taking life too seriously, dealing with what it throws at you type thing. ‘Desert Dust’ shakes it up and picks up the pace. Same with good time jam ‘442’ – honestly, you’re gonna love this one. Deep, heavy, stoner rock numbers ‘Personal Issues’ and ‘Low and Slow’ sail along at a smooth, gloriously trouble-free pace. ‘Showdown’ makes you wanna go drink spirits with Hell And Hollar at their local bar (despite the fact you ONLY drink Sauvignon Blanc and can’t even handle gin…). It’s a wild ride.

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Review by Jo Wright