Review: After The Burial – Evergreen


After The Burial

Evergreen – Sumerian Records

A dirty great extreme/progressive/all the metals juggernaut, kaleidoscopic ‘Evergreen’ is a full-on barrage of chaotic colours and images. The long, strong intro of ‘Behold The Crown’; could this be an instrumental to open the album? Oh no, my friends. Here comes Anthony Notarmaso’s screaming, spitting, hissing, hollering, bile-raising vocals to wake the living and rouse the dead. Famous for their dual guitar attack, and kings of the creepy, tension-building intro, After The Burial deploy everything they’ve got. ‘To Challenge Existence’ hits us up with metalcore. Guitars rule on ’11:26’, and that’s saying something, considering Notarmaso’s vocals are so strong throughout ‘Evergreen’ they could block out the sun. Live, it’s going to be amazing. ‘Evergreen’ is gloriously loud, but you can’t resist turning up the volume further, to be totally immersed in the raging torrent. It’s annihilation of the senses. Obliteration. Devastation. Sensational.

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Review by Jo Wright