Review: 100 Watt Vipers – Holy Water


100 Watt Vipers

Holy Water – Self Released

Massive, dirty, bluesy riffs and licks (‘Aces High’ and ‘Penny In The Well’). Resilience in sorrow laden grooves (‘The Bell Tolls Heavy’). Audible lyrics that batter your spirit and make you drop your head down with the weight of the world (‘No Salvation In These Fields’). There’s redemption in the riffs of ‘My Old Bible’. Hope and a galloping rhythm in ‘We Ride On’. This is trouble, toil, struggle and strife. Song after song of heavy blues/hard garage. Gravel and grit from the hearts of a two-man operation out of Jacksonville, Florida. 100 Watt Vipers’ fourth album is addictive. It’s like reading a gripping book until 3am; just one more track…one more… The simplicity in ‘Holy Water’s’ sadness and subject matter is stunning. It makes it so damn good. There’s pleasure from the pain. Go listen.

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Review by Jo Wright