Review: V2A – Gravity Killer



Gravity Killer – Trisol Music Group

Road warriors still need a bit of music in their life don’t they? Well V2A are happy to provide it. These suitably suited and booted electro goths are already making some serious waves on the club and gig scene in the UK and Europe. And with this quite brilliantly put together album it can only be a matter of staving off the apocalypse for a short time before festivals and much larger events beckon. The music is more than just a freshening up of EBM. What V2A have done so well is taken something that is quite dark and given it dancing shoes. It’s kind of a musical version of Bladerunner if that film was fun. Yes you can hear little bits of Combichrist and God Module in there, of course you can, you can hear little bits of something in everything. This though is something of a break through album.  Great songs that are well written have been recorded and produced to a ridiculously high standard. V2A might have one of the shortest names around but if they carry on like this they’re going to have a very long career. At least we know the end of the world as we know it will have an awesome soundtrack.

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Review by Gary Trueman