Review: Viza – The Unorthodox Revival: Volume II



The Unorthodox Revival: Volume II – Architects Of Melody Records

The name of Viza’s record label pretty much sums up the LA based band and their new six track EP – they are ‘Architects Of Melody’. Behold a curious concoction of lyrics and tunes which make a charming aural fairy-tale style book. ‘Dancing Twig’ has a gentle, story-telling vibe. ‘Diabolic Angel’ lulls into a little lift of happiness that jaunts along, although the lyrics suggest otherwise. Many glorious forms of rock and World Music, traditional and modern are blended and reworked like a kaleidoscope. ‘The Unorthodox Revival: Volume II’ is beautiful and varied. Never the same vision twice. It’s a treat. Ever heard an oud or duduk being played? Step right up to the Viza circus. Deceptively steady ‘Tom Waits For Her’ blitzes into a fiery ending. ‘Pathway’ gallops along percussion-wise, careering into a majestic chorus. Viza make music like no one else, and this album manages to make the listener feel special. Find a cosy corner, stick on your headphones, and come on into Viza’s magical world.

Review by Jo Wright