Review: Skies Turn Black – No Place Like Home


Skies Turn Black

No Place Like Home – Self Released

There is some sublime musicianship going on here. Seriously – it’s insane. Piano. Woodwind. Violin. Metal blended with orchestral. You find yourself asking; ‘how many people are actually in Skies Turn Black? Surely a nonet of Slipknotian proportions?’ Nope. Four. ‘Four!’, you bellow so loudly the family Labrador bounds through excitedly because he thinks you shouted ‘walk!’. But it’s ok. He’s a massive fan of dazzling guitar duelling, lightning fast shredding and a thunderous rhythm section. Be like dog. Marvel at ‘No Place Like Home’. Skies Turn Black hail from the North of England but play like they’re from another dimension. These four music graduates present us with a jaw-dropping, riotous, righteous metal affair. Epic choruses throughout, especially in ‘Fairy Tale’. Million miles per hour ‘The Sickness And The Cure’. Strong, fresh vocals. ‘A World About To Flood’ is a complete metal banger with an orchestral section. The piano on touchingly titled ‘This Too Shall Pass’ is just beautiful. The future’s bright for these boys.

Review by Jo Wright