Review: Heart Of Jordan – Heart Of Jordan


Heart Of Jordan

Heart Of Jordan – Aeonic Records

Standard-bearers for the cliched but accurate adage ‘if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right’, Heart Of Jordan march over metal, through rock and across metalcore. They emerge with a triumphantly massive debut album of headbangers, hell-raisers and heavy heart-wrenchers – done their way. You kind of want to offer out your hand to pet each track; ‘who’s a lovely little metal masterpiece? Why you are! And you too!’ Only to have this Michigan mob’s songs twist and turn in a new direction, growl, go for your jugular and attempt to rip your flippin’ arm off. Preston Mailand’s vocals are outstanding. Hiss, scream, growl, sing clean. And that’s just in the space of fireball of an opener ‘Throne Alone’. ‘No Escape’s’ chorus is glorious. ‘Your Vengeance’ is monumental – from Preston’s soul to yours. Check first released track ‘Deny’ for a prime example of the unbelievably talented Preston’s bellowing and Andrew Everett’s brutal drum attack. ‘Heart Of Jordan’ is an absolutely blistering effort.

Review by Jo Wright