Review: Within Temptation – Resist


Within Temptation

Resist – Spinefarm Records

Symphonic metal has long been in need of a bit of an injection of something fresh.  It’s staleness of late has been caused in part by its success, spawning a myriad number of new acts that often seem to blur into one another. Within Temptation have stepped up to the plate here and in a way not many would have seen coming. What they’ve done is had a look at pop music and taken some of its pzazz but then given it a dark overcoat.  The result is that Resist sounds like it’s battle ready and fit to lead from the front. Musically the arrangements are welcoming and the production has that crispness you usually get on albums built exclusively for radio play.  It’s a record where the focus is quite rightly on the breath taking vox of Sharon Den Adel but the substance of the instruments isn’t overlooked. Within Temptation have always flirted with becoming one of those elite superbands that gain favour outside of their own sphere of speciality. Resist could change all that. This could be their Fallen moment, certainly it’s by far the best album they’ve put out to date.

Review by Gary Trueman