Review: Overdrivers – She’s On Her Period



She’s On Her Period – Self Released

There’s a fine line between being tongue in cheek and foot in mouth and being deemed to have crossed that line can make for difficult times.  Musically Overdrivers are a fine modern take on what made the likes of ACDC so popular.  With vocals reminiscent of the late and very great Bon Scott coupled with ballsy uncompromising rock it’s clear France can produce bands just as able as anyone in the world.  Indeed, on first listen you could imagine these guys out on tour with Airbourne or Steel Panther.  The elephant in the room is the title and cover art which will likely put many off from giving the band a try, and that’s a shame.  There is and always will be a place in rock for the irreverent  and un-pc, in fact it’s expected.  For many though Overdrivers may well have crossed a personal comfort line.  Let’s hope that a group that clearly have so much to offer don’t get lost in translation.

Review by Gary Trueman