Review: Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest



I Loved You At Your Darkest

(Nuclear Blast)

When a new album is offered – and especially in the case of a high profile band like Behemoth – we immediately head back to its predecessor to gage growth, concepts and abilities. But this record really isn’t just an evolution of 2014’s ‘The Satanist’ which was revered by many as Behemoth’s finest work to date. Instead the vastly anticipated ‘I Loved You at Your Darkest’ (a verse from the bible itself) is a standalone epic and grandiose record that the Polish Pariahs have seemingly conjured from the very depths of their own blasphemous souls and then neatly repackaged it into a Digi format.

It’s a gutsy guitar fest with not much in the way of coherent bass and it sometimes feels so technical that it can be a little overwhelming. The assault of the drums are thunderous and Nergal’s vocals are the sticky glue switching between raspy and demonic to full relentless shrieks and desperate screams. The record is highly ambitious and suitably impressive at times. Having seen how some of this has come together via tasty snippets being fed through the bands Instagram to show just enough direction of how intense this record was going to be; you will be pleasantly surprised to discover all the clever connotations and meanings behind the tracks and the accompanying visuals.

Don’t be fooled by the cliché song aptly titled ‘God = Dog’ it’s a satire naming and is a superb black metal infused track with a chaotic centre. Having already released ‘Wolves Ov Siberia’ most will have heard its infectious verse “Come all ye, Wolves ov Siberia, We hail the flame, we hail the ice. Beyond bosom, beyond materia, We reject! We fucking deny!”

My personal favourite has to be ‘Havohej Pantocrator’ which just oozes darkness and is religiously conceptual. Nergal is at the hellish helm of a very painstaking and angry song that is sung with such conviction you really can’t help but get ensnared into it. The track fills you with an overriding passion that spawns from out of nowhere and I can’t wait to hear this ode live.

Having been carefully produced by the band themselves and complete with a 17-piece Polish orchestra arranged by Jan Stoklosa ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest Hour’ due for release on 05th October will absolutely satisfy the cravings of Behemoth Veterans and will connect with a whole new listenership around the world.

It’s Blasphemous. It’s brutal. It’s brilliant. It’s Behemoth.


Reviewed By Nickie


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